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To Scott Iron Works,

I wanted to tell you how amazing your bits are. My father and I rope all the time and we have two different bits that work great. The detail and craftsmanship on them are extraordinary. I get compliments on them all the time. I also get asked where I got them and tell them to contact you. I'm 99% sure that we improved our roping by buying these bits. My father just won 3rd at ACTRA nationals and I have more than 20 top ten roping wins with the use of these bits. We want to thank you for configuring such an amazing bit. We will buy from you time and time again.

Thanks again,
Linsey Lekumberry and Family

Bits and Spurs make it to Jerusalem-

Hello All,

Here are some more photos from the completion of the ride to Jerusalem. These photos were taken just outside of the Golden Gate in Jerusalem. We had to cross into a Muslim cemetery to take the photo but God sure opened the door.
We had a great day around the old city of Jerusalem and were able to take the Gospel message all over the city.

Love in Christ,


Jerusalem- Bits and Spurs in Israel


Bits and Spurs - via Couy make it to Jerusalem

I have been in the horse training business for over 36 years in that length of time, I have used lots of different bits on many horses. Greg's Bits and spurs allows the rider to control the horse completley, while the horse can still be comfortable with out undue par pressure. These tools work on every horse that we have ridden them on. They are not only well made, the craftsmanship is incomparable, the results are exceptional.
Don Bryson B-Cross Horses

Greg Scott's bits have the correct balance for me. The purchase is a little longer than most bits which gives you a fair amount of tuck and flex at the pole. The curve and weight of the shank allows for a better stopping, and the chain port mouth piece is ideal for head horses and heel horses alike.
Tanner Bryson PRCA Teamroper & B-Cross Horses

I've got a young head horse that I have used several bits on I couldn't pick him up off cattle or get control enough to handle cattle. I was over at the Bryson's arena to practice and nothing was going right. Don Bryson had me try your bit. From that moment on you would never know that it was the same horse. Not only me, everyone there couldn't belive the change your bit made in my horse's attitude. Two weeks later a guy went out of his way to tell me what a nice horse I had.
Norman Burrus

I have found that the chain port bit made by Scott Ironworks is truly one of a kind. The leverage this bit allows is something that I had been looking for and successfully found after using your # 2 chain/port bit, I use it on both of my good horses and credit it for many successful runs, I would highly reccomend this bit to anyone. Cole Bigbee PRCA Teamroper

The reason I use Greg Scotts bits. I have a rope horse that would no rate off cattle. I also was not able to control him once I roped the steer. I put Greg’s #2 bit on my horse and I was able to rope the steer and control the horse all the way around the corner. My friends that had been roping with me said they had never seen my horse work so well. I had a couple of my friends try the bit on their horses. By the end of the day they also ordered bits from Greg. The craftsmanship on the bit is second to none and the results the bit makes on your horse can not be compared by any other. Not only do the top pros benifit from these bits,it also makes the average roper excel in handling your horse for success.
Jody Tapia Teamroper














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