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Some of our bit an spur prices have changed... call or email for current pricing.


2015 Spurs  
SCOTT ironworks spurs 2015  
2015 spurs  
scott ironworks spurs 2015  


Cutter Spurs, Off-Set


Cutter Spurs


Youth Spurs

Youth Spurs

Spurs wtih Crosses- Call for Pricing

Spurs with Crosses

Rattlesnake Spurs, wilt Gold Rattle Snake Spurs


New for 2012 Our First Numbered limited edition, collectors series

... Call for pricing, due to the fluctuating gold prices and how much gold it will take, will depend on the price of these spurs.

reg rasp spurs

Regular Rasp Spurs Plain

(Initials, brands and decorations are extra)

Youth/ Women Spurs

Youth / Women Spurs

Vaquero Leg Spurs with Brand rowls

Vaquero - Leg Spurs with Brand rowls made out of rasp

Roping Spurs Horsehead Medium Shank

Roping Spurs horsehead medium shank 1 1/2 inches, plain

rasp spurs

Rasp Spurs - Plain Shank-
1 1/4 inch clover rowl with initals

Arizona Cattle Growers

This set of spurs went to the
Arizona Cattle Growers winter
banquet dinner auction and sold
for $550.00


Turned Down Shank Spurs
Note: size of diamonds on bands are small, a lot of grinding time.


Roping Spurs horse head short shank 1 1/4 inch

buckaroo spurs

Buckaroo Spurs



A large variety to choose from size
Light spurs aprox. 5/8" to 3/4"
Heavy 1'' up to 1-3/4''


Prices subject to change
Price does not include shipping or handling.
Contact us for more information.
Scott Ironworks (575) 533-6880






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