Horseshoe Nail Cross Jewelry



TQ Bling Earing Pendant set


Turquoise Bling Earring and Pendant Set

TQ Stone LG Cross with dots


Horseshoe Nail HEART with Red Crystals... it's got some sparkle.

horseshoe heart pendant

Cancer awareness with dots and 4 rhinestones.

Plain with 2 rhinestones

Cancer awareness horseshoe nail jewelry

Cancer ribbons from horseshoe nails


Rhinestone Bling Horseshoe Nail Crosses:


Cross Horseshoe Nail Pendant

Horseshoe Nail Cross with dots and rhinestone

Specify your color. Call today!

horseshoe nail cross

Horseshoe Nail Medium, Cross, 3 dots

Horseshoe Nail Medium Cross with crystal and dots


Horseshoe Nail Initial
Horseshoe Nail Inital with Copper
Horseshoe Nail Initials and Brands... depending on the initial or brand prices may vary.

$ 29.00


2009_ Horseshoe Nail Cross Earrings

Horseshoe Nail Cross Pierced Ear Rings $39.00 pr (above)

Turquoise accented Horseshoe Nail Cross earrings

This set of Turquoise Ear Rings ...$50.00

Cross Turquoise Earring/ Pendant Set
Pendant Earings set with turquoise $75.00 (above)

Cross Pendant

Cross Turquoise Pendant $28.00 (above)

Ruby Stone, Horseshoe Cross Earring

Horseshoe Nail Cross Pierced Ear Rings and Pendant- Call for Pricing

Horseshoe nail cross pendant earrings

Horseshoe Nail Cross Hat Pin 30.00 ea

Horseshoe Nail Cross Dangle Ear rings

Horseshoe Nail Cross Hat Pin Dangle 30.00 ea.

large and small cross pendant

horseshoe nail cross, small
Horseshoe Nail Cross Small- approx. 1" H

horseshoe nail cross necklace
Horseshoe Nail Cross Large- approx. 2" H
$ 25.00

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