Bits, Buckles, Jewelry & Miscellaneous-
All Hand-Made in the USA

Some of our bit an spur prices have changed... call or email for current pricing.

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We duplicate Bits....check out this example:

duplicate bits

custom back cinch buckles

Spur Straps with Buckles
$ 125.00

Head Stall With Buckles, Concho's
$ 235.00

horseshoe belt buckle- unique
Horseshoe Belt Buckle
Call for Pricing

back cinch buckles
Back Cinch Buckles
$185.00 pr.

horse rasp knife with initials- unique gift
Knife 160.00, with sheath add 25.00

horse rasp knife with initials- unique gift
Rasp Handle Knife 175.00, with sheath add 25.00










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