Custom bits- All Hand-Made in the USA

Here at Scott Ironworks Greg Scott has spent countless hours and researched many scenarios in search of meeting you and your horses needs. Our bits are all hand forged, with perfect balance. All hand made.

We feel that after experimenting on different horses and riders we have come up with a selection of bits to meet your needs.

Here is a description of our custom made bits that we are so proud to present to you:

Bit #1 short shank bit, #2 twisted shank chain/port is our highest seller, #3 Bit for a horse that you need a little more control on, #4 Bit is for horses you need alot more control of, made out of Horseshoes

Chain Port Mouthpiece:

With a nice size port for tounge relief this bit is what we consider the most comfortable and fits the widest range of horses. From rope horses to barrel horses this bit fits them all. With the chain / port mouthpiece this conforms to the horses mouth creating great comfort for the horse. This bit also has a great function in the horses mouth with such flexibility you never have to worry about the port making contact with the roof of your horses mouth.

The more comfortable you make your horse the better performance you will have. Just ask Clay O'Brien Cooper who used this #2 C/port bit in the 2007 rodeo season and then went on to win the average at the 2007 N.F.R.

Lifter Bit:

We are proud to present this bit to you for training and for harder mouthed horses. We use horseshoe rasps for the cheekpieces with a design where the chin-strap can be moved to a range of different places. There is a slit in the side of the cheekpiece where the chin-strap can be moved and also to the very top of the bit. (headstall rings) Tanner Bryson from B cross horses has graciously given us the compliment of this being the best training bit he has ever used.

Number 5 Bit: Twisted port, New for 2008

This bit not only has a great look but also has outstanding performance. We have engineered a new design for the mouthpiece in this bit that has added comfort and performance for your horse. This bit is designed with a short rod for the mouthpiece to hook into. This creates more freedom for the mouthpiece to move which leads to more comfort, better perfomance and greater success in the arena. This bit will get ahold of a horse. Jake Barnes uses this bit exclusively.

From our popular chain port or popular twisted steel port mouthpiece to a common snaffle we build bits to suite your needs. Give us a call we would be happy to help you or email us at with any Questions you may have.

31 and 13 style bit:

This is our latest design built and engineered by Greg Scott and Tanner Bryson. These bits have been developed for horses that you need a little more control on, Barrel Horses may need help keeping there shoulder up or a Horse to drop there shoulder and move out of the hole a little quicker,Teamroping horeses with a bad habit. As many team ropers know it's all about controlling the shoulders of your horse when seeking perfection in the arena. These new style bits have different length cheek pieces to help with pressure on the "cheating horse". The 31 style bit will help with the horse trying to "duck out" on you and the 13 style bit will help with that pony that keeps trying to run past the corner. Calf Horses that stop to the right or left, this bit can help you get your horse to stop strait. Tested and proven by by our horse guru Tanner Bryson these bits are guaranteed to take out the frustration of a "cheating horse".

With this wide selection of bits we feel we can fit any horse or rider need. Our bits have gone from world champion cowboys to world renowned training centers. 4Ropin Ranch in Maranna Arizona has used our Chain Port bits exclusively the at both horse sales held in conjunction with the U.S.T.R.C. Finals in Oklahoma City. Both in 2006 and 2007 they have ridden and shown horses with our specialized bits. With that kind of money and reputation at stake they couldn't afford not to go with the best.

Our past satisfied customers not only stop at team ropers. From ranchers, barrel racers, calf ropers, bull-doggers and trail riders we have a bit for you.

Each bit carries our name and along with our name goes our reputation. We take extreme pride in our work.

A few of the Cowboys who currently use
Greg Scott's Bits:

Tanner Bryson, (champion team roper) B-Cross horses, (training center/ horse sales)

4 Ropin Ranch, (training center/ rope horse sales)

Jake Barnes, (7 time world champion team roper)

Clay O'Brien Cooper, (7 time world champion team roper)

Chad Masters, (2007 world champion team roper)

Dean Tuftin, (2007 N.F.R. qualifier)

Cole Bigbee, (2006 N.F.R. qualifier)

Wade Kreutzer, (champion team roper)

Jade Corkill, (champion team roper)

Nick Sarchett, (champion team roper)

Bucky Campbell, (Champion Teamroper)

BJ Campbell, (Champion Teamroper)

Tom Bourne (champion team roper)

Chance Kelton, (Champion Teamroper)

Rube Woolsey, (Champion Teamroper)

Russell Funk, (horse trainer/ champion team roper)

Chuck Doebbler (horse trainer/ champion teamroper)

Thomas Braman (champion teamroper)

Dan Braman (champion teamroper)

Joe Braman (champion teamroper, JB Quarter Horses)

Troy Hudson, (2007 National High School Champion Team Roper)

Jody Tapia, (champion team roper)

Ben Scott, (Champion Teamroper)

Chad Atwood, (Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Paris France)

Johnny Salvo, ( College National Tiedown Champion 2008)

J.W. Borrego ( Champion Team Roper)

George Richards (Champion Team Roper)

Tom Richards (International Finals youth Rodeo Team Roping Champion 2008) Shawnee, OK. 7/20/08

Tyler Getzwiller (Champion Team Roper)

Erich Rogers (Champion Teamroper)

Lee Kiehne (Champion Teamroper)

Tee Woolman (Champion Teamroper)


Thank the Lord for our success here at Scott Ironworks

















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